German paper production may stop due to natural gas shortage

Berlin, Russian satellite news agency Winfried shaur, head of the German paper industry association, said that the lack of natural gas may greatly affect German paper production, and stopping the supply of natural gas may lead to a complete shutdown.

DPA quoted shaur as saying: “no one knows whether it can be produced in autumn or winter this year.”

He added that if the natural gas supply is completely stopped, it will actually stop the production of paper, which will also affect the production of many important paper products for food and sanitation.

The main natural gas supply route to Europe, “Beixi”, has been closed for regular maintenance from July 11 to 21. At the same time, since mid June, even before regular maintenance, the natural gas supply through “Beixi” has been limited – at the level of 40% of the gas transmission capacity. Gazprom explained that the reasons for this situation included delays in the return of Siemens turbines from maintenance due to Canadian sanctions.

At the request of Germany, Canada decided to lift the sanctions on Gazprom equipment until the end of 2024. Gazprom said it was waiting for Siemens to confirm the possibility of returning the turbine to “Beixi”. According to media reports, the engine is on the road and will return to Russia on July 24.

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Post time: Aug-05-2022